i-3 candle/oil lantern

Price: R400 R430 on orders of 10 and upwards

Oil/Candle Version of these lamps are “storm proof” The lanterns are “ WIND & RAIN PROOF“. this is the mother of all Ironmode Lanterns,it was mainly deigned for special occasions like weddings and special ceremonies thats why it was left for to be used with a candle "BUT" its also optional to be used with oil bottles/electric as per special order Depending on reservoir size and lantern,the burn time using Ironmode Lamp Oil is from 6 hours up to 30 hours. It is made out of first grades materials,with the bodies made from 1.2mm mild steel,6mm round bar and Acrylic tube. This is a more durable solution as the breakage risk is minimal Dimentions: Height: 230mm Width: 130mm